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All schools kite and windsurf of Tarifa

Discover Surfers Paradise in Southern Europe and now rent kiting in Tarifa

Tarifa is on the southernmost point of Europe. It is not without reason that the city on the Costa de la Luz is considered the capital of kitesurfing. Because there is always wind in Tarifa and this is the basis for windsurfing and, of course, the kiting. Here you will learn more about surfer's paradise, which is known far beyond the borders of Europe among surfers around the world, and discover a good  school that meets your personal requirements and where you can rent a kite.

The location of Tarifa

Why book a board in Tarifa or book a windsurf class? Andalusia is a beautiful spot in Spain. From the southern European tip it is only 14 kilometers to Africa. Directly from the Sahara comes with the Levante a warm wind over, which offers with wind strengths of up to 20-30 knots / s the ideal conditions for a carefree ride. Just a little bit cooler is the Ponente, which comes from the Atlantic and supports your kitesurfing with wind forces of about 12-18 knots. The wind safety is the reason why many surfing enthusiasts want to spend their holidays here and also the demand for a kite school in Tarifa or the windsurfing rental  is very high. The wind of Tarifa is the heart of this surfing mecca and why kite learning in Tarifa is particularly easy and equipment rental in Tarifa is so useful.

There are many people who want to get  lessons. But not every  school in Tarifa is ideal for everyone. Here it is important to find out in which school you can best learn how to kite, or if you can expand existing knowledge according to your wishes and where you can rent a board if necessary.

Do you need a very special course? Are you looking for for beginners or kitesurf for women? Do you already bring your own kite or would you like to borrow ? Are you an advanced or a professional who wants to learn a few more tricks? Or maybe you are looking for lessons with a trained Iko Kite Instructor? Here you find it easely.

If you know what you personally need for kiting and if you want to rent windsurfing in Tarifa, you can also opt for the right lessons and look for cheap apartments in Tarifa.