The school is organized for teaching both first-time kiters and intermediate kiteboarders.
Lessons are held individually and in groups of two people. A group consists of maximum 2 people. However, taking individual lessons you will learn how to kite more efficient and safer.
Our kitesurfing course is designed for 10-12 hours, that is 3-5 days of classes.



Introduction to kitesurfing. We learn how to control the kite on the shore and train the safety.



Tour to the water. We train kitesurfing skills on the water without a board.



Mastering kitesurfing skills on the water with a board.

A student, at his request, can train with a portable radio set. This allows the student to hear the instructor’s directions being away from him. However the use of portable radio sets could slow down mastering of independent kitesurfing skills.



For first-time kiters we offer 2-hour individual introductory course, which costs 120 Euro per person!

60 Euro per a class in a group of 2 people!

Introductory course from 60 Euro! Buy now


We have an international family of instructors, they all speak several languages and have kite teaching experience over five years.


The equipment for training in 2015 is produced by F One — one of the world leader in kiteboarding industry.

F One Bandit of the best kites in the world.